Intraoperative Radiation Therapy


IORT represents a significant improvement over traditional radiation therapy as cancerous tissue can be removed with high accuracy and healthy tissues and organs can be protected during surgery.


The use of IORT results in a more effective radiation dose directly to the tumor bed, with less actual radiation to normal tissues, versus conventional radiation treatments. IORT treatment is rapidly becoming the standard for cancer care in Europe and throughout the world.


As the resection is completed, the surgeon measures the precise location of cancerous cells while ensuring the health of surrounding tissue and prepares the Tumor bed for the treatment. Once the collimator has been placed in the defined area, the unit delivers the precise electron dose needed to destroy the cancer cells. At the end of the treatment, cancerous cells have been eradicated from the affected area.

   Introducing  HI-BEAM


  • Hi-Beam uses a proprietary self-shielded linear accelerator
    (pat. pending) and is highly portable and energy efficient;
  • Our system can be used to treat all stages of advanced cancers, such as colorectal cancers, soft tissue & retro
    peritoneal sarcomas, pancreatic cancers, and head & neck cancers;
  • We provide the necessary software to interface with
    treatment planning and management systems;
  • Project is focused on MFG and completely industrialized (each unit will be the same as the previous one produced);


  • The design of the chassis is based on the same cost and weight saving development routines that are used in the automotive business;
  • The design is completely industrialized and rationalized: All units are standard units, not prototypes;
  • Hi-Beam is lighter and thus easier to handle;
  • We use state of the art technology and components;


  • Our staff consists of experienced professionals in this field. Some of us have been selling IORT equipment for 15 years in Europe;
  • We know this market right from the beginning;
  • We sold the most number of units, until now sourced from one provider;
  • We have a consistent and wide spread established network in the radio therapy community;
  • We are the only provider with a established and serious service organization, still servicing 15 units in Europe.



  • Our goal is to provide a new technology, with state
    of the art components, more  modern and efficient.
    We believe that the market needs a new unit;
  • Actual players (just two) in the market offer limited
    and old technology;



  • Integrated with hospital EMR
  • Easily movable
  • Lighter unit
  • Cheaper